Philanthropy is a $13 trillion global industry.

It is a beautifully symbiotic system whereby people are both the benefactors and the beneficiaries.

In every instance, people are not only agents for change, but the industry is open to all stakeholders, regardless of race, creed, language, gender, age, physical health, education level, geographic location, or socioeconomic status.

Over the last few millennia, human beings have made great strides toward advancement: technology, health, well-being, infrastructure…

As our species continues to grow and evolve, however, entropy ensues. We find ourselves struggling for greater equilibrium.

The Leland Institute for Benevolence Research & Advancement® (LIBRA) aspires to bring the achievements and deficiencies of our species into balance, harmonizing these extremes for the betterment of all humanity.

The Leland Institute brings ideas and resources together to create real solutions that benefit humanity now, and for many generations to come.

Often, social innovation is the quick and efficient solution to addressing the need gaps that private enterprise or public entities cannot.

Unlike risk-averse governments or profit-driven private enterprise, every person on the planet is a stakeholder in the business of benevolence.

It is through altruistic endeavors that people:

  • resolve social issues;
  • sustain and cultivate the planet where we live;
  • preserve and develop arts and culture;
  • advance research and discovery;
  • affect systemic change and thus, the evolution of humanity.

Throughout history, it is where the public and private sectors fall short that philanthropy rises to the occasion, meeting the needs and minding the gaps of human development.

Yet, while charity is noble, strategic philanthropy is impactful- where charity aids, strategic philanthropy resolves.

The Leland Institute brings ideas and resources together to create real solutions that benefit humanity now, and for many generations to come.


As we prepare to release our own white papers, research and analysis here on The Leland Institute’s official blog, we want to make sure that anyone interested in engaging philanthropically has access to information from our industry partners and journalists.

We’re moving all 3rd party content to our Tumblr blog, The Standard, highlighting news and events in the third sector.

The philanthropic industry relies on information across a broad spectrum of issues. Making philanthropy better means utilizing a multidisciplinary model to inform strategic donations and guide impact. And that requires a holistic approach to information management.

Donors and philanthropists are often issue-centric, meaning they’re looking for data within a specific field to inform their decisions. But statistics alone don’t paint the full picture. News and current events have a huge impact on the dynamics of philanthropy. At the Leland Institute, we encourage greater collaboration and communication between individuals, agencies, and media partners.

You can now submit articles, infographics, photos, videos, research and reports, or related links to the Leland Institute’s Tumblr blog, The Standard, via our Tumblr submission form here

All 3rd party content will appear here on our official blog via RSS feed. Alternatively, you can submit via email below.


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