Tactile Gallery at The Louvre: Sculpting the Body

A New Exhibit at the Musee du Louvre

The Louvre (@MuseeLouvre ) in Paris, France encourages you to touch the exhibits.

Musee du Louvre, Paris

The Tactile Gallery, made possible by Reunica Welfare Foundation, is now in its sixth iteration.

Since 1995, the installation has served to impart the cultural history and diversity of The Louvre to visitors who are blind or visually impaired. Also for sighted visitors and children, the tactile experience allows all visitors the opportunity to touch casts of the museum’s artworks.

The Tactile Gallery showcases 18 casts in the exhibition to represent the museum’s collection of sculpture from antiquity to the present.

The Theme chosen for 201-2017 is “the body, both clothed and unclothed.”

The latest tour, which opened May 2014, entitled “Sculpting the Body” features four sections:

  • Divine nudity
  • Bathers
  • Truth and the Graces

In the fourth section, two authentic works are presented alongside reproductions in the above sections. The authentic works are “hands-off” but do allow visitors to compare the difference between authentic pieces and reproductions.

Time Unveiling Truth, an anonymous plaster cast from the early 19th century

Bather, also called Venus, is an authentic stone version by Christophe-Gabriel Allegrain (1710-1795)

The Tactile Gallery is located in the Denon wing on the lower ground floor at the Louvre, adjacent to the Galerie Donatello.

Signage is now trilingual at the Louvre, and braille wall labels have been added. The Louvre also offers guided tours and audio tours via mobile app. Visit the Louvre website for more information.


About Reunica

Reunica Welfare Foundation works in partnership with the Foundation de France to support selected projects in medicine and French culture. Focusing on art and culture as its deliverable medium, the foundation funds projects that help people affected by illness or disability.

Reunica Welfare Foundation promotes the joy of life an development of the individual. Selected projects must be useful and have a strong local involvement, with emphasis on artistic quality and originality.

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